Generic Cialis is a blockbuster drug that has changed the lives of millions of men the world over. Used to treat erectile dysfunction (otherwise known as impotence), the drug has proved particularly effective, as well as very versatile in its application. Available from your physician, the drug has the benefit of oral dosage. It also has a very quick effect, which has meant that many men have been able to take it when needed.

Like other drugs, Generic Cialis does have interactions with other medicines. While these interactions are not necessarily life threatening, it is important to know about them. There are also possible interactions with foods and drink, for example. Knowing the information bout these interactions allows you to make conscious choices as regards whether or not you take the drug. Lifestyle and diet can, therefore, influence such a choice.

First of all, it is important to know that your doctor will know about the major drug interactions and will have made decisions about your using the drug before he prescribes Generic Cialis to you. However, caution is still advised, due to the fact that lifestyle and diet changes can happen outside of a doctor’s control. That said, regular appointment s with your doctor to discuss general matters regarding health will allow your doctor to monitor medication such as Cialis.

Cialis and Grapefruit

First of all, one of the major food substances that should not be used with Generic Cialis is grapefruit. This includes the fruit and/or any grapefruit juice drink you may be exposed to. The reason why caution is advised with this fruit in particular is that it can have a reaction with Generic Cialis, to the extent that it can affect the workings of the drug on your body. It is for this reason that patients are advised, quite clearly, and by their doctor, not to eat grapefruits or drink the juice while taking Cialis.

Cialis and Other Drugs

The drug should also not be used if you are taking any nitrate drugs. For example, any medicine that contains nitro-glycerine is a problem, and should not be taken if you are taking Cialis too. Nitricprusside is also another substance hat shoulder avoided rigorously. This again can cause problems for you if you take it at the asm etime as you take Cialis. A number of young men take amyl nitrate drugs called poppers. These are normally found in the social scene. Taking poppers with Generic Cialis can cause serious problems to occur. Nitrates are a particular problem if you are using Cialis. If nitrate administration is deemed necessary for medical reasons, at least 48 hours must elapse before the person is given any nitrate based drug. Even in such a situation, close medical supervision is an absolute must. Alpha blockers are another drug that, if used alongside Cialis, can cause significant problems. Because both Cialis and Alpha blocking drugs have an effect that results in the lowering of blood pressure, using both can be dangerous. The overall effect on a patient’s blood pressure can be seriously damaging.

Cialis and Alcohol

One common drug that many people use is alcohol. While the dangers of using alcohol with drugs are well known, there are particular issues attached to using Generic Cialis and alcohol at the same time. At the milder end of the scale, their combined use can result in dizziness and headaches. However, if significant amounts of alcohol are imbibed, the effect on blood pressure can be considerable.

Cialis effects on Heart

Physicians are fully aware of the effect of Generic Cialis and the strength of the drug. However, routine checks will almost certainly make before they administer.Warnings As regards the cardiovascular system, irregularities can occur once sexual intercourse has begun. It is worth bearing in mind that any patient, who suffers from any cardiovascular complications, such as chest pain, once sex assisted by Cialis has begun, should seek medical help immediately.